Monday, November 7, 2011

Everyone is Potty Traied

The word potty training is something Jason and always I hated to hear. We has no idea how we would possibly potty train all three of our boys and just knew that it would be a very long process.


Aiden, Cooper and Landon's teacher at their school thought that we should try to put all three of them in underwear for a day to see how they do. So, I loaded up a bag with about 20 pair of underwear and 9 changes of clothes (three each) and the boys went to school for the first time in underwear. Landon stayed dry all day long!!!! Cooper and Aiden only had one accident each. (Cooper peed on himself at nap time and Aiden peed on himself at recess.)

I was SO proud of them when I went to pick them up!!! I was imaging the worst. I cannot believe that their very first time in underwear that 2 of the three only had 1 accident.

The next day we did the same.....loaded up extra clothes and sent them on their way in their big boy underwear. AND...................NO accidents!!!!!

Jason and I could not be more proud of our boys!!! They picked up this potty training game pretty easy. We are super excited that the transition went so well and did I mention how much we love NOT having to by diapers and wipes???