Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The babies are in there own beds!!

Last night we set up the pack n play in the babies room and separated Aiden and Landon. Cooper has been in his own crib for about four months and does really well sleeping by himself. Aiden and Landon have been waking each other up during the night and it is keeping us up all hours of the night. When we lay the twins down they are feet to feet and in the middle of the night one (usually Aiden) would crawl over and lay on top of the other causing both babies to be awake and crying. We said enough is enough and we decided it was time to split them up. Surprisingly they did really well!! I have heard that once you split them up that they would sleep better. Well, they did. They did not wake up the entire night. We are happy that the transition went to smoothly. So, now we have to get a third crib for Landon. We decided to put Landon in the pack n play because he is not picky about where he sleeps like the other two. Landon will sleep anywhere you put him.

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