Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

We all had a wonderful Halloween this year. We went down to Smithville to see our family. The boys got to visit with Granny, Pa-Paw, Mims, Grandpa Joel and Nanny. The babies love to see their grandparents and they had SO much fun with them. Also while we were down in Smithville, Aiden, Landon and Cooper got to meet two new friends. My friends Casey and Melinda (who I have known since we were all three in daycare together) have baby boys. Ryder is 2 months old and Daxton is 1 month old. This is the first time all of use got to meet these two precious babies.

This year Cooper was a State Trooper, Aiden was a Fisherman and Landon was a Golfer. They were so CUTE all dressed up. Since the boys GO, GO, GO non-stop it was hard to get a picture of them in their full outfit. Aiden, Landon and Cooper had a BLAST trick or treating!!! We pulled them around the neighborhood in their choo choo wagon and they told everyone "hi" or "see" while holding up the flashlight or pieces of candy in their hands. They were three very proud little boys. I think their favorite part was eating all of the candy. By the end of the night they mastered opening up the candy all by themselves.

____Our Halloween Treats ____

Trucks, Snacks and Mix n Match toys
From: Melinda, Clint and Becky

Pumpkins full of candy
From: Mims and Grandpa Joel

Halloween Cards and $5.00 each
From: Great Aunt Joyce

____Our Visit with Nanny____

Cooper and Nanny

Landon checking Nanny out

Nanny and Landon




Nanny and Aiden playing with the truck.

Nanny and Aiden

____Granny and Pa-Paw's House____

Landon and Granny

Landon and Granny

Granny, Aiden and Landon


Granny and Aiden

Landon, Cooper and Aiden

Daddy giving Coop kisses.

Cooper giving daddy a hug.

Daddy giving Aiden kisses.

Daddy and his boys.

Casey and Cooper

Granny and Ryder


Aiden.......What a face!!!

Ryder and Jason

Aiden and Daxton

Sweet baby Daxton

Casey and Ryder


_______Halloween Night_______

Aiden and Daddy

Cooper running away while I was trying to take his picture.


Cooper being silly with his hat. He would not put it on the correct way.

Landon (Golfer)


Cooper, Landon and Aiden
In the wagon and ready to go trick or treating.

Checking our the lights that Mims gave them.

Daddy, Mims, Granny and the trips.

Daddy, Granny and the trips.

Eating suckers



Aiden, Grandpa Joel, Cooper, Daddy, Mims and Landon

Daddy and Cooper

Landon, Nanny, Cooper, Aiden and Daddy.

Landon, Nanny, Cooper, Aiden and Daddy.

Nanny and Cooper

Cooper and Aiden

Nanny and Aiden


Landon and Cooper

Aiden, Cooper and Landon


Landon and Aiden having a conversation.