Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week Three of Daycare

Our internet has been down since Tuesday afternoon. A storm came through and lightening struck and there was a very loud popping sound and all of a sudden our cable and internet went off. We just got it fixed today. I will post pictures and info about Aiden, Landon and Cooper's third week of daycare really soon.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Art Work




Our Second Week Of Daycare was GREAT!!

Aiden, Landon and Cooper had a GREAT second week at Daycare. On Friday the boys participated in the arts alive program that comes to the daycare twice a month. Arts Alive is an integrated arts program for children that builds self-esteem, confidence, and creativity through the expressive arts ( I was in a meeting so I had one of the teachers take pictures for me. From the looks of the pictures and from what the teachers told me they had a pretty good time.

Listening to Mr. Cory read a story.


Landon and his friends catching bubbles.

Mr. Cory, Aiden and Cooper

Coop reaching for the bubbles

Mr. Cory lifting Aiden up to get a bubble

Landon and Ms. Cody


Mr. Cory lifting Coop up to get a bubble

Cooper and Landon




Playing with the sprinkler after we got home from daycare

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Daycare and Mommy's Classroom

Here are some pictures of Aiden, Landon and Cooper at their daycare and playing in my classroom. I had meet the teacher this evening so the boys hung out in my classroom after daycare until Daddy came and picked them up.

Breakfast time at school

Landon and Cooper




Aiden, Landon and Cooper

Cooper, Aiden and Landon

Playing In Mommy's Classroom

Aiden and Landon


Cooper playing under the desk




Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Second Week of Daycare

Today Aiden, Landon and Cooper went back to daycare and they had a wonderful day!! They were SO excited to see all of their friends and teachers. It's a great feeling to know that your babies are in a great place that they love. There classroom is just down the hall from my classroom, so throughout the day I walk down and watch them play through the window. I will keep you posted on how they do the rest of the week.

First Art Work From Daycare

Monday, August 16, 2010

What a weekend!!

What a weekend!!!! I picked the boys up early from daycare on Friday so that I could spend some time with them because I am not used to being away from them all day long. We played outside in the sandbox and splashed in the pool. Everything was great until 2am..........
Cooper woke up and threw up all in his crib. Jason and I got up and changed his sheets and got him cleaned up and back in bed and 30 minutes later Landon starts throwing up. We clean him up and change his sheets and everyone went back to sleep. About an hour later Cooper and Landon start throwing up again. SO.......We have spent the last three days with three sick babies. To top it off, last night before bath time Aiden fell and split his lip open and before we went to bed Jason started throwing up. So, we are all home today and everyone seems to be feeling better. It is back to work and daycare tomorrow. I hope this week is better than the weekend we had.

Friday, August 13, 2010

We made it throuth the first week of daycare.

It's Friday and Aiden, Landon and Cooper made it through their very first week of daycare. I have to say that I am VERY shocked on how well they have adjusted to all of the changes. They absolutely LOVE going to daycare. They are so happy in the mornings when I take them to their classroom and they see their teachers and all of their friends. They only cried the first day and have been all smiles since then. I am very proud of my little boys!!!! Since I was at the school all week working in my room I pretty much watched them all day long through the window of their classroom. It was great seeing how they interact with the other kids and having SO much fun. It has only been a week and I can already see changes in them. They are pointing at more things and jibber jabbering like them are trying to tell you about what they are pointing at. They are dancing and clapping when music comes on and they are interacting with each other a lot more.


Today I picked them up at 11am from daycare since I have not been able to spend much time with them this week. While we were playing outside, Cooper noticed my flip flops by the door. He went over and picked one up and brought it to me and sat it on my foot. Then he went and got the other one and sat it on my other foot. My little boys are growing up!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First Day Of School

I decided to go back to work so that means that I had to put the boys in daycare. I will be teaching second grade this year and I am very lucky that they school that I work at has a daycare for teachers children that is located in the school building. So, that means that I get to take the boys to work with me everyday. It is great because I can walk down the hall and check on them throughout the day. I also love it because I get to see them play with other children and see how much fun they are having. They started daycare Monday and I was not really sure how they would do since they have never been away from me since they came home from the hospital. Their first day was a little rough on them since they are used to taking two naps a day and in the big kid class they only take one. Today is day three in the daycare and they absolutely LOVE it!!!! They were SO happy to see their teachers this morning when I dropped them off. I am so happy that they are happy to be at the daycare. It will for sure make going back to work much easier knowing that they are happy babies.

Here are some pictures from Aiden, Landon and Coopers first day of school.

Landon, Cooper and Aiden on their first day of daycare.




Aiden and Daddy

****Our New Stuff for Daycare****

Our backpacks

Our lunchboxes

Our nap pads

Our new shoes