Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy 11 Month Birthday Aiden, Landon and Cooper

Today Aiden, Landon and Cooper are 11 months old. ONLY one more month until their first birthday. We have been getting things together and planning for their first birthday party. It is hard to believe that these little guys will be ONE very soon. They are such sweet little babies and I have been so lucky to be able to stay home with them. They change and learn so much each day. They still love to sing songs and read books. Landon and Cooper can even do some of the hand movements to The Itsy Bitsy Spider. It is the cutest thing ever. They still love the outside and love it even more when they get to play in the water. So, needless to say, we spend the majority of our day outside. All three are holding on to thing and walking everywhere. They will be walking on their own in no time. Here are some pictures of our precious babies with their new Astros hats. Happy 11 month Birthday sweet pumpkins......Daddy and Mommy love you guys very much!!!!!




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