Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fun with the water hose

The water hose has become a new favorite toy to the trips. They LOVE for you to squirt them with it. BUT.....they love it even more when they get to play with it themselves. Since we only have one hose in the backyard, it is a constant fight. One will have it and then someone will take it away and it becomes a HUGE meltdown. Here are some pictures of Landon, Cooper and Aiden playing with the water hose.

Landon, Cooper and Aiden

Aiden got it first.

Landon decides that he needs it now and takes it from Aiden.

Landon holding the hose.

Cooper decides that he needs the water hose now.

Aiden playing in the water.

Landon getting upset because Coop took the hose from him.

I want it.....NO it is my turn!!!!.....I can just hear it now :)

And the meltdown begins!!!!!

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