Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween at School 2010

Aiden, Landon and Cooper had a blast at their Halloween Day at school. They got to decorate pumpkins, make bats, feel and play with the inside of pumpkins and watched Elmo perform. Landon and Aiden liked Elmo from far away. When Elmo tried to take a picture with Landon and Aiden they decided they no longer liked him. Cooper on the other hand LOVED Elmo!!! During the performance Cooper went to the front of the room where Elmo was and tugged on his leg until he got his attention. They had so much fun with all of the activities. They were all three completely worn out by the end of the day.

Pumpkins that Aiden, Cooper and Landon decorated.

Breakfast time at school.

Cooper and his friend coloring a picture of a pumpkin.

Halloween workstations

Cooper digging in a pumpkin full of beans.

Cooper eating the pumpkin

Cooper and Elmo

Elmo, Cooper and Ms. Nicole

Elmo, Cooper and Ms. Nicole

Aiden, Mr. Kori, Landon, Cooper and Elmo.
Aiden and Landon loved Elmo as long as he did not touch them.

Cooper, Aiden and Landon after we got home from school.

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