Thursday, December 23, 2010

18 months old

Our boys are growing up so fast. They are already 18 months old. They had their 18 month check up on December 22. At 18 months ...............

Aiden - 24 lbs 3 oz and 2ft 9 inches tall

Landon- 24 lbs 9 oz and 2ft 9.25 inches tall

Cooper - 23 lbs 5 oz and 2ft 8.75 inches tall

The boys are learning so much everyday. They are saying more and more words and can even make two word sentences. They will repeat anything you say. Their new favorite words are Bob (Bob the Builder), Ivy (our dog), Frosty, Santa, hot and touch. Cooper loves to tell his daddy "stop it" while pointing his finger at him. Jason can just be sitting there minding his own business and Cooper will go over to him and say "stop it." It is so funny to see!!

In all Aiden, Landon and Cooper can say a little over 50 words. Based on the milestone sheet that we received from our pediatrician, at 18 months they are expected to say 7 - 12 words. Also, saying two word sentences is not expected until they are 24 months. We are so proud of our boys especially since they were born two months early and they are ahead of where they are supposed to be.

Here is the list of words that I posted back in November that they boys can say.

Momma -ALC
Dada -ALC
Cheese -ALC
dog - ALC
Fruit - A
see - ALC
yay - ALC
uh-oh - ALC
nanna (banana) - ALC
snack - ALC
truck - ALC
get - ALC
no no - ALC
stop - ALC
side (outside) ALC
three (1,2,3) ALC
bird - ALC
jump - ALC
sit - ALC
thank you - C
thanks - LC
touch down - ALC
sky - ALC
bath time - ALC
blue - LC
star - ALC
light - ALC

Here are the added words that they can say. They can say about 50 words, follow one step commands and say a few two word sentences.

airplane - ALC
blue - ALC
purple- LC
shoes - ALC
tree - ALC
golf club -A
teeth - ALC
Tina - A
is it? (meaning - what is it?) ALC
touch it? (when they want to touch something) L
touch - ALC
circle - L
Santa - ALC
thank you - C
thanks- ALC
yes - ALC
hot - ALC
frosty - ALC
slide - ALC
nasty - ALC
cup - ALC
Ivy (our dog) - ALC
Pa-Paw - ALC
Boo - (they will hide and peek their head up and say Boo) ALC
toys - A
Pa-Paw - ALC
diaper -ALC
paper - C
Bob (Bob the Builder) - ALC
red - A
I do (When he wants to do something himself)- A
I know - (when you ask them where or what something is and they don't know)
mine - ALC
baby - ALC

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