Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Aiden, Landon and Cooper are 7 months old!!!

I cannot believe that the triplets are seven months old!!! That means that they are over half way through their first year of life. Next thing you know they will be having there first birthday. At seven months they are doing GREAT!!! They are there own little individuals. They all three have their own little personalities. They have there favorite things to play with and eat. They love to watch Baby Einstein, Barney, Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse. There favorite songs are The Wheels On The Bus, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and If You're Happy and You Know It. They love for you so sing to them and get even more excited when they here a familiar song on TV or from one of there toys. They also love to be read to. We subscribed to the Dr. Seuss books and have quite the collection. They are happy little babies and very full of energy. They keep us on our toes but we LOVE it and would not change it for anything. Random strangers always come up to us and say that they feel sorry for us because we have triplets.....Well I feel sorry for them because they don't. It is triple the love and triple the fun. We could not imagine life any other way.

At seven months Aidens favorite food seems to be bananas and peas. He loves to play under the rainforest play mat and in the ExerSaucer. He is very good with his hands and is very curious. He has figured out how to punch all of the buttons on any of the toys that make noise. He loves to explore new things. If you give him a new toy he will observe it and figure out exactly how to work it. Jason and I always say he will be our little engineer. As long as he has something in his hands to play with or explore he is one happy little guy. He started scooting yesterday so he is now on the go!!!!

At seven months Landons favorite food is.......well just about any food that you put in his mouth. We have yet come across a food that he does not like. He gets SO excited when we put him in his chair to eat and he sees the jar of baby food. He LOVES baby food!!!! He loves to play in the Jumperoo and under the rainforest play mat too. He also LOVES to swing in the swing. He is a very calm and laid back baby. He can sit and entertain himself all day long. He is a happy little guy. He is always smiling or laughing. He has the cutest little giggle and will laugh at anything.

At seven months Coopers favorite food seems to be peaches and peas. He is very picky when it comes to food, but he has no problem eating peaches or peas!!! He is a traveling little dude. He will go from one side of the room to the other just looking at things and playing with toys. When he is not scooting all around the play room he loves to play in the Jumperoo and the ExerSaucer. You should see him in the Jumperoo. He goes crazy!!! Sometimes it looks like he is going to jump right out of the Jumperoo. He is so full of energy and just goes and goes until he cannot go anymore.

This is how we spent the day!

Aiden after he woke up this morning.

Landon after he woke up this morning.

Cooper after he woke up this morning.

Cooper and Landon

Cooper, Landon and Aiden

Aiden taking a bath.

Landon taking a bath.

Cooper taking a bath.






Cooper, Landon and Aiden playing with toys.

It is not so easy to take group pictures with the babies anymore. They are either trying to put their feet in their mouth, lay on top of each other or chew on each other.

Aiden, Cooper and Landon
(Notice Landon's foot. It is headed for how mouth.)

And the fun begins......

Aiden, Cooper and Landon

Aiden, Landon and Cooper
(Finally a cute group picture.)

Aiden, Landon and Cooper

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