Sunday, February 21, 2010

Aiden, Lnadon and Cooper's Baptism

Today we got the babies Baptised and it is such a special day for our family. Today Jason and I made a promise to God and ourselves that we would do our best to bring our children up in a good Christian environment, take them to Church and be good examples for them throughout their lives. Thanks to all of you who came and shared this special day with us. We are so grateful for all of the wonderful people in our children's lives and it meant a lot to me and Jason for you to be there. Our children are our world and it's great to have so many positive influences in their lives.

The Invitation





Aiden, Cooper and Landon playing before going to Church.





Granny and Landon

Daddy and Aiden

Mommy, Aiden and Landon

Family Photo

Family Photo #2
Notice Jason and Aiden are BOTH watching TV

Mims, Cooper, Landon and Aiden

Cooper, Landon, Pa-Paw and Granny

Mims, Mommy, Aiden, Daddy, Pa-Paw, Cooper, Granny and Landon





Aiden and Landon

Cooper, Aiden and Landon
Showing the babies to the congregation after their Baptism

Daddy, Aiden, Morris (Preacher), Cooper, Mommy and Landon

Daddy, Cooper, Granny and Pa-Paw

Cooper, Mims, Aiden, Landon and Joel

Kade, Aiden, Twyla, Landon, Cooper and Tina

Fredo, Aiden, Landon, Kim and Cooper

Cooper, Audrey, Robin, Landon, Bradley, Aiden and Joey

Cooper, Audrey, Robin, Landon, Bradley, Aiden and Joey

Granny, Landon, Cooper, Pa-Paw and Aiden

Tina, Granny, Landon, Cooper, Pa-Paw and Aiden

Joel, Mims, Landon, Sage, Dori, Daniel, Mommy, Cooper, Daddy and Aiden

Granny and Cooper


  1. They are so big! Looks like you have survived the 1st 6 months w/o too many scars. Hoping to catch up w/ you soon.


  2. Thanks so much. Yes they are growing SO fast. Your little ones are growing too. I check your blog ofter and I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE the post about the paci. It was GREAT!!! I bet that person might think before she makes another comment. Anyways thanks again and talk to you soon.