Monday, February 8, 2010

A Fun Filled Weekend

We had a fun filled weekend. Mims came down from Austin to visit, the triplets went to their first birthday party and they got to watch the Superbowl with their friend Caden.

My mom "Mims" came up on Friday and stayed the night so that she could help me take the kiddos to our twin neighbors first birthday party on Saturday since Jason had to work. The babies seemed to have fun. They got a lot of attention and by the end of the party they were worn out.

On Sunday our friends/neighbors came over to watch the Superbowl. The babies played and we cooked chicken fried deer steak. It was a great night with good friends and awesome babies.

Cooper ........aka Jason Jr.

Cooper and his daddy


Cooper and Mims

Landon and Mims

Mims and her babies

Mims playing with Cooper, Aiden and Landon

Aiden, Cooper and Landon
Getting ready to go to Colby and Aly's Birthday Party

Aiden, Cooper and Landon
The Cutest Triplets Ever!!!!

Look at that mean face. He was yelling at the toy.

Aiden and his sweet face :)


Aiden, Landon and Caden playing and watching the football game

Aiden and Caden

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