Saturday, March 27, 2010

Aiden, Landon and Cooper are 9 months old

Wow!!! I cannot believe that Aiden, Landon and Cooper have been in this world for nine months already. That means only three more months until their first birthday........Something I don't want to even think about. My babies are growing into little boys way to fast.

At 9 months Aiden, Landon and Cooper are becoming more and more active and they all have very different little personalities. They can all pull themselves up, they babble non stop all day long and they are crawling all over the place. All I hear is dada dada.....all day long.

Aiden is a very happy little guy! He always has a smile on his face. It does not take much to please him. You can just look at him and he will get the biggest smile on his face. He has the nickname "Smiley" because that is all he does. Cooper can walk holding on to furniture. He is a very determined little boy and despite all of the bumps and bruises he just gets back up and tries again. He will be walking before we know it. Landon laughs at anything and everything. He has he cutest little giggle. Landon can wave bye-bye and the other two just laugh at you when you try to get them to do it. It has become more of a game to them, but they will eventually catch on. Talk about games.....they love, love, love peek-a-boo. Jason and I have fun with it too because they laugh so hard an it is just to cute for words. They love to be read and sang to. The Wheels on The Bus and the Itsy Bitsy Spider seem to top all of the songs. They get the biggest kick out of the hand movements to the "wipers on the bus go swish swish swish"......and the hand movements to "wash the spider out." They all three LOVE being outside and best of all they love to go for rides in their Choo Choo Wagon. They are growing and learning so much everyday.

Dr. H was very please with the babies progress. He said that all three babies are right where they need to be. We are so happy with their progress and that so far they do not have any delays from being born 7 weeks premature. By looking at them you could never tell that they were preemies. Dr. H said that although Aiden and Landon are only in the 5th percentile for their weight that he is not worried about them because they are really tall. So we are going to have some tall and skinny little boys :)



Height - 28 3/4 inches--------75th percentile
Weight - 16 lbs. 3 oz------5
th percentile


Height - 29 inches-------75
th percentile
Weight - 16 lbs. 14 oz----5
th percentile


Height - 29 inches-------75th percentile
Weight - 19 lbs. 1 oz-----25
th percentile


Landon and Aiden

Landon and Aiden playing with toys.


Cooper playing with the activity table.

Landon, Cooper and Aiden

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