Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mims came to visit and help with sick babies.

My mom (Mims) came up this weekend to visit and help with the babies. They have been sick for over a week and it has been really hard taking care of three sick babies who just want to be held all day long. We have been lucky that Jason has had a few days off, but when he goes to work and it's just me taking care of the babies by myself, it gets really tough. I cannot wait until the get to feeling better. Although they are much better than they were last week, they now just need to get rid of the HORRIBLE cough that they have.

Mom, thank you SO much for coming up and helping me and Jason with the babies. We REALLY appreciate it!!!!

Mims, Aiden and Landon

Mims, Aiden and Landon


Cooper and Landon

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