Wednesday, September 29, 2010

15 Months

On Monday Aiden, Landon and Cooper had their 15 month check up. They got really high fevers from their shots and ended up staying home the rest of the week. Aiden ended up having an allergic reaction and broke out in hives from head to toe. It was a pretty scary situation. I gave him Ibuprofen on Thursday morning for his fever and within 10 minutes his face started to swell and his entire body was covered in hives. The pediatrician thinks that he is allergic to ibuprofen or the antibiotics that he was on. So I have to give this benadryl every six hours to keep the hives away. He also told us that over the next two weeks that the hives will come and go until whatever he is allergic to is out of his system. I feel so sorry for Aiden because he is SO miserable.

Our weights and heights at 15 months................

Aiden ---21 lbs. 1oz. (10 percentile) 31 inches (50 percentile)
Landon---21 lbs 12 oz. (10 percentile) 31 1/4 inches (75 percentile)
Cooper ---22 lbs. (25 percentile) 30 3/4 inches (75 percentile)

SO...from the looks of it our boys are going to be skinny and tall!!!!

At 15 months all three boys are right where the need to be. They are feeding themselves, running all over the place, babbling to each other and say at least 5+ words each. Not to mention they have developed their own words that they say to each other. One baby will say one of the words and the other two will crack up laughing. I have no idea what they are saying, but clearly they understand each other.

Aiden - Snack, Dada, Mama, outside, no
Landon, Snack, Dada, Mama, Truck, outside, no
Cooper - Snack, Dada, Mama, ball, dog, bird, outside, no, sit

Pictures of Aiden

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