Wednesday, August 19, 2009

On Tuesday we made our first trip to Smithville for the day with the babies so that they could meet there Great Grandmother "Nanny" and visit there other Great Grandparents Granny and Pa-Paw. Jason had the day off so we loaded the babies up and headed for Smithville. This is the longest distance that we have traveled with the babies and they did GREAT. They did not wake up once on the way there or on the way home. We had a great visit. We also go to visit with one of my great friends Crystal and meet her precious little girl Lyla who is a month and a half older than the triplets. She is SO precious and smiled so big when she saw the babies. Our babies are so lucky to have such wonderful people in there lives. We had fun visiting all of these great people and cannot wait to make another trip down there.

Nanny and Landon

Nanny and Cooper

Nanny and Aiden

Daddy, Cooper and Landon

Lyla and Crystal meeting Landon for the first time

Cooper, Lyla, Landon and Aiden

Me and Lyla
Crystal and Landon

Granny and Landon

Pa-Paw and Cooper

Granny and Landon

Pa-Paw and Aiden

Granny and Aiden

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