Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sick Babies

It's been awhile since I have blogged, but the last week was a bit CrAzY. We are for sure learning what it is like to be parents of multiples. Up until this past week things have been pretty smooth sailing around our house. All we heard from people while I was pregnant was how hard it was going to be once the babies arrived. Actually, its not as bad a people think. They are REALLY good babies and give us no problems at all. My mom comes up to help on Friday and stays until Monday night. Jason is off on Tuesday and Wednesday so Monday until Thursday we are on our own and its not bad at all because we both feed the babies at each feeding and we can feed all three babies and have them back in there beds in about 45 min. Then Jason's sister Tina comes and stays on Thursday night. We are so lucky to have my mom and Tina who take time from their busy lives and come and help us and spend time with the babies.


It all started last Tuesday when we were getting ready to go to Smithville. We had just fed the babies and were about to put them in there car seats when Cooper threw up everywhere. This was not a spit up either. So, we put him in the tub to give him a bath and he seemed fine. So we went to Smithville and had a wonderful visit with mine and Jason's Grandparents. When we got home the babies seemed fine, just exhausted from our little trip. The next morning was a different story. By this time they all had low grade fevers and had all thrown up by 8 a.m. We called our Pedi. and he said it sounded like they had a stomach bug that had been going around. So, he said to give them pedialyte if they don't keep there formula down. So the next two days and nights were filled with crying, miserable and throwing up babies. Which means lots of baths and extra laundry. By Thursday it seemed like they were getting better and then that night Landon started throwing up again and then next day Cooper and then last night Aiden started. It seems as if they keep giving this bug to each other. We are finding out what life is going to be like with triplets. Once one gets sick.....they ALL get sick. It is not bad dealing with the crying and throwing up. The worst part is watching them lay there and looking so miserable. We are hoping that this will pass soon and all will go back to normal. What is "normal" when you have triplets?


Lately we have babies who want to stay up and party in there crib. Two weeks ago it was Cooper who did not even want to be in his crib. He just wanted to be held. But that has passed and now all he wants to do is sleep. Aiden and Landon fight there sleep. Aiden does this more ofter than Landon does. They just lay in there crib and make noises back and forth to each other. They will lay there for an hour if not longer before they go to sleep. It does not bother me since they are not crying or fussy, but it becomes a problem because by the next feed time they are SO tired they don't want to eat.

Jealous Dogs

We have come to the conclusion that our dogs now hate us. Ivy, my dog that I have had for the past 12 years tried to bite me the other day (which is VERY unlike her) because I made her get off of the babies play mat. Yes, I said the babies play mat. I guess she has decided that the play mat will be HER toy / bed now. I need to start walking around with my camera because I will walk in the living room and find her sleeping on the mat. I try to sneak to go get my camera and I am never fast enough because she gets off the mat once she notices that I see her. I will catch her one day and I will get a picture. Chico, the other dog has been trying to take the babies rattle toys. I have to watch him really close because if not he will take the toys and chew them up. I keep telling myself that they will come around one day and they WILL learn to like the babies.

Sorry....No pictures this time. I have LOTS but I have not downloaded them to my computer yet. As I sit here and type this I have Aiden sleeping in my lap so I would rather NOT get up to get my camera to download the pic. and risk waking him up since it took him forever to go to sleep since he feels like crap today. Hopefully I will be able to get them downloaded this afternoon.

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