Monday, August 17, 2009

Update on the new night schedule......

Well, the new night time schedule is no longer in action. My happy babies have now turned into unhappy tired babies. So, we are back on our ever 4 hour feeding schedule. In case you missed my post from last week, the pediatrician wanted us to put the babies down at night (10pm) and not feed of pick them up for 6 hours. He said to just let them cry it out if them wake up before the 6 hours (My babies are used to getting fed every four hours on the hour). This lasted for 2 nights. I could not sit there and listen to three screaming babies knowing they were hungry and just let them lay there. The boys are 7 weeks old, but in reality they were not supposed to be born until last Friday, so developmentally they are just not ready to be forced to lay there and cry. So, now that the babies schedule is WAY messed up I have babies waking up at all different times to eat, so this week we have been working hard to put them back on the schedule we had them on before. Slowly but surly we are getting back in the routine. I have always been told and am a firm believer that a rested baby is a happy baby and when my babies were on there previous schedule they were very rested and very HAPPY.

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