Friday, September 11, 2009

Last weekend was full of visitors!!! We had several different people come over to visit with the babies. There was my brother Christopher, Joel and our cousin Ellie. My Mom, Joel and Chris came up on Friday evening and stayed until Monday. This was the first time that Chris has seen the babies since they came home. He is going to be such a great uncle. The babies really enjoyed there visit with him. Not only did he visit with the babies, he did some yard work for us which was a huge help since we pretty much have no time to do anything but feed babies and change diapers. They also got to meet there cousin Ellie for the first time. It was wonderful having all of the extra hands to help out especially for feedings.

Cousin Ellie and Aiden

Aiden, Cooper and Landon

The Trio again...


Aiden and Landon

The Twins again

Aiden, Uncle Chris and Landon

Uncle Chris and Aiden

Uncle Chris and Cooper

Uncle Chris and Landon

Mims and Aiden

Joel and Landon

Joel playing with Landon

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