Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The kids did it!!! They are almost sleeping through the night. I am so proud of them! They finally slept longer than four hours during the night!!! The babies get their last bottle at 7:00 pm and we have been putting them down at 9:00. Normally they wake back up at 11:00 for another bottle. Well, last Thursday I got some advice form another Triplet mom and she told me that the babies would sleep longer and better if we put them down around 7:30pm. So, it was worth a try. That night night Jason and I fed the babies at 7:00 and put them to bed at 7:30. We waited up as usual for the babies to wake up for there 11:00 feed and at 12:00am they were still asleep so we decided to go to bed. They woke up at 1:30am to eat and then they slept until 7:00am. We thought for sure that this was a fluke and that this was only a one night thing......WELL they have stuck to this schedule for five nights in a row. NOW we have to train ourselves to go to sleep by 8:00 and we can actually sleep for almost five hours before their 2am feed and then another three to four hours. We have forgotten what its like to actually sleep, but last night we went to bed at 8:30 and today I feel GREAT!!! I just hope they can keep this up and hopefully they will eventually sleep through the night.

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