Friday, September 4, 2009

Reflux Update and Cooper's Hospital Visit

Aiden and Landon are doing SO much better since they have been on the reflux medication. Cooper has been a different story. He ended up in Texas Children's Hospital on Thursday morning because he could not keep anything that he ate down. Dr. Ho our pedi. said that we should take him to TCH to get an ultrasound to check him for pylorostenosis. Well the results from the ultrasound were not clear and one set of pictures showed signs of it and the other didn't. So, he was admitted into the Hospital and then had to stay over night for observation. The results were then reviewed by a pediatric surgeon and they determined that he did not have pylorostenosis and he did not need to have surgery. Jason sisters came over and stayed at the house to help with Aiden and Landon. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!! I stayed at the hospital with Cooper and Jason was back and forth between home and the hospital. They kept Cooper on clear liquids throughout the night and he was able to keep that down so at 11am Friday morning he was able to have formula. Believe it or not he kept it down. They monitored him throughout the day and he was doing great. He kept the formula down so they let him go home. Apparently he has reflux REALLY bad. Since he has been home there has been no more vomiting.........and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will stay that way.

In the ER waiting to see the Doctor. We had all three babies with us.
They were all SO GOOD!!!


They poked him three different times before they could get the IV started.
Here is the IV in his foot.

Cooper in his hospital bed


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