Monday, September 28, 2009

Our first over night trip to Austin

Last Thursday we took our first trip to Austin to visit my mom (Mims) and for my Grandmother's 83rd Birthday. Packing for three babies for three days was crazy. We had to take tons of clothes, diapers, formula, two strollers (a double and a single), toys, three boppys and much more stuff. We HAVE to get a bigger vehicle. We have officially outgrown the Tahoe.

We left the house around 4:30pm and stopped in Smithville to feed the babies at Granny and Pa-Paw's house. We visited for a few hours and then we were off to Austin to my mom's house. We got there around 10pm and put the babies down in their beds. They slept until 4:30am.......They have never slept this long. They slept from 7:30pm until 4:30am...That is 9 hours!!!!! Well, the next night they woke up at there normal time 2:30am. I guess they were just really tired on Thursday night, but I sure wish they would keep sleeping for 9 hours. That would make life SO much easier. Anyways, on Friday we went to my mom's (Mims) work to visit and that night we took the babies to a restaurant (Catfish Parlor) for the first time. They were so good the entire time!!! They just looked around and of course every person in there had to come up and see them :) The babies also got to visit with there cousin Sage. Sage stayed the night with us at my moms house and she was a great little helper.

On Saturday we went to my Grandmothers (Maw-Maw) 83rd Birthday. This was the first time she has seen the babies. The babies go to meet a lot of other family members for the first time as well.

Overall it was a GREAT trip!! The babies are GREAT little travelers!

Aiden, Cooper and Landon

Landon and Sage

Landon, Cooper and Aiden


Sage, Mims and Cooper

Coop and Sage

Visit To Mim's Work

Maw-Maw's Birthday

Landon, Aiden and Cooper

Me, Cooper, Tonya, Landon, Mandi and Aiden

Tonya and Landon

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