Friday, November 27, 2009

5 months old!!!

Cooper, Landon and Aiden

The babies are 5 months old!!!! We have a Dr. apt on Dec 14th so we should have some new weights and heights soon.


Aiden is getting really good with this hands. He can hold objects and pass them back and forth from one hand to another. He just started sucking his two fingers when he goes to sleep. Aiden LOVES to smile and is becoming quite the little talker. He has the nickname "Smiley" because he just cannot stop smiling. He is for sure one happy little guy. He has the cutest deep raspy voice. He also loves to stand like a big boy while you hold his hands.


Landon is still our most talkative one. He makes himself known and will talk from the time he gets up in the morning until he goes to bed. I wish I knew what he was saying because he has some pretty serious conversations and he has so much to say. He still LOVES the Jumperoo and he too loves to stand while you hold his hands. He gets the biggest smile on his face when he stands. He is starting to chew on his hands and still loves to play with is feet. He is the slowest when it comes to eating. He takes his sweet little time and has to be watching TV while he eats.


Cooper is quite the drooler. He is like a faucet with a leak. I'm pretty sure the is teething and he will not keep his fingers out of his mouth. The last two days he has become quite the chatter box. He has a really high pitch scream and he thinks its quite funny. He will just sit or lay wherever he is and scream really loud and then laugh about it. Cooper is our busy body. He hates to take naps because he is so scared he is going to miss something. He might sleep for 20 min. and then he is wide awake and ready to go. He is for sure our noise child.

All of the babies are so much fun. They all have developed there own personalities and it has been so much fun to be able to watch them grow and change daily. We feel like the luckiest parents ever to be blessed with three beautiful and healthy little boys.

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