Thursday, November 5, 2009

March Of Dimes

The March of Dimes helps moms have full-term pregnancies and healthy babies. If something goes wrong they offer information and comfort to families. They research the problems that threaten the baby and work on preventing them. More than 500,000 babies are born too soon each year. Some are so small they struggle to survive. Help me fight for preemies. Aiden, Landon and Cooper were born 7 weeks premature on June 27, 2009. Aiden weighed 4lbs 4oz, Landon weighed 4lbs. 1oz and Cooper weighed 4lbs 9oz. They stayed in level 2 NICU at Texas Woman's Hospital for a little over three weeks. We are very lucky that our little ones did not have to stay in the NICU longer than they did. Three weeks was hard enough. I could not imagine them having to stay longer. Please help raise money for premature babies!!!!! Click or copy and paste each link below to donate in honor of each baby.




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