Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Toys and new stuff.

The babies are almost five months old. It seems like the day after they turned three months old that time just started flying. Last week we got another Jumperoo and an ExerSaucer from the lady that gave us the first Jumperoo. The babies have such a great time in the new toys. As a matter of fact, Cooper had so much fun jumping in the Jumperoo he actually fell asleep in it. He was jumping and laughing and all of a sudden it got really quiet. I looked over and he was dead asleep. Each baby has there favorite toy to play in. Aiden always likes to play in the Orange ExerSaucer, Cooper in the Red one and Landon is a HUGE fan of the newest Jumperoo. Since they have been playing in the new toys the last two weeks I have notice that there legs are getting stronger. They love to stand while you hold their hands. I have been wanting them to crawl so bad and they are so close but now that we have the Jumperoos and ExerSaucers they don't want to do tummy time anymore. Cooper can even stand on his own while holding on to something.

This week the babies have really started to notice there hands. Especially Landon. He will sit there and just stare at his hands as he opens and closes them. They still love to play with there feed and Cooper has become quite the thumb sucker. Yesterday when I put the babies down for a nap I noticed that Coop had his thumb in his mouth. I took his thumb out and put his paci in. When I went in to check on him, he had his paci in his mouth and his thumb in the hole to his paci sucking away. He is sure a smart little boy. They all amaze me and change so much each day.

Last weekend we got to spend time with Mims (my mom) and yesterday Aunt Tina (Jason's sister) came over to play with the babies. While we are on the topic of Mims and Aunt Tina Jason and I just want to let you guys know how much we appreciate you!!!! You both have done so much for us since the babies were born and the babies are so lucky to have both of you in there lives. Again, Thanks so much for all that you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some pictures from the week.

Cooper standing by himself and looking out the window!

Cooper sucking his paci and thumb at the same time.

Someone played to hard in the new Jumperoo.



Cooper playing in the new ExerSaucer



Landon and Cooper

This is his favorite toy!!!!


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