Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First Day Of School

I decided to go back to work so that means that I had to put the boys in daycare. I will be teaching second grade this year and I am very lucky that they school that I work at has a daycare for teachers children that is located in the school building. So, that means that I get to take the boys to work with me everyday. It is great because I can walk down the hall and check on them throughout the day. I also love it because I get to see them play with other children and see how much fun they are having. They started daycare Monday and I was not really sure how they would do since they have never been away from me since they came home from the hospital. Their first day was a little rough on them since they are used to taking two naps a day and in the big kid class they only take one. Today is day three in the daycare and they absolutely LOVE it!!!! They were SO happy to see their teachers this morning when I dropped them off. I am so happy that they are happy to be at the daycare. It will for sure make going back to work much easier knowing that they are happy babies.

Here are some pictures from Aiden, Landon and Coopers first day of school.

Landon, Cooper and Aiden on their first day of daycare.




Aiden and Daddy

****Our New Stuff for Daycare****

Our backpacks

Our lunchboxes

Our nap pads

Our new shoes

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