Friday, August 20, 2010

Our Second Week Of Daycare was GREAT!!

Aiden, Landon and Cooper had a GREAT second week at Daycare. On Friday the boys participated in the arts alive program that comes to the daycare twice a month. Arts Alive is an integrated arts program for children that builds self-esteem, confidence, and creativity through the expressive arts ( I was in a meeting so I had one of the teachers take pictures for me. From the looks of the pictures and from what the teachers told me they had a pretty good time.

Listening to Mr. Cory read a story.


Landon and his friends catching bubbles.

Mr. Cory, Aiden and Cooper

Coop reaching for the bubbles

Mr. Cory lifting Aiden up to get a bubble

Landon and Ms. Cody


Mr. Cory lifting Coop up to get a bubble

Cooper and Landon




Playing with the sprinkler after we got home from daycare

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