Monday, August 16, 2010

What a weekend!!

What a weekend!!!! I picked the boys up early from daycare on Friday so that I could spend some time with them because I am not used to being away from them all day long. We played outside in the sandbox and splashed in the pool. Everything was great until 2am..........
Cooper woke up and threw up all in his crib. Jason and I got up and changed his sheets and got him cleaned up and back in bed and 30 minutes later Landon starts throwing up. We clean him up and change his sheets and everyone went back to sleep. About an hour later Cooper and Landon start throwing up again. SO.......We have spent the last three days with three sick babies. To top it off, last night before bath time Aiden fell and split his lip open and before we went to bed Jason started throwing up. So, we are all home today and everyone seems to be feeling better. It is back to work and daycare tomorrow. I hope this week is better than the weekend we had.

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