Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another Successful Week!!! 31 weeks and 5 days

Today was my regular weekly doctors appointment. I am 31 weeks and 5 days pregnant!! We have almost made it to 32 weeks which is a HUGE milestone. We had another ultrasound and the babies are getting bigger and they all look healthy. Dr. Reiter was very impressed with the progress that me and that babies have made. He has been telling me for the past 3 weeks that I would be in the hospital on bed rest by June 19th. Well, he decided to let me go another week at home since the babies and myself are doing so well. When I was 12 weeks pregnant my Dr suggested that I get a cerclage which is a stitch used to keep the cervix closed. He said today that having the cerclage is probably the main reason that I have made it this far.

Dr. Reiter was concerned about the swelling in my feet and hands. I gained 7 pounds so that should tell you how swollen my feet and hands are. He did a urine test to check for signs of protein. I gained 7 pounds so that should tell you how swollen my feet are. The test came back showing no sign of protein and my blood pressure was low but good. It was 90/64 which is the lowest it has been since I have been pregnant. He said that the swelling was normal and would probably only get worse until I have the babies. Although it is getting really hard for me to get around because of the swelling in my feet and the horrible pains in my knees he said that I would be more comfortable at home.

He did not measure the babies today since he did a measurement last week. But he said over the next few weeks they should really start to grow. He really wants me to make it to 34 weeks so that at least maybe one if not all of the babies will be able to come home with us. If they are born to early they will have to stay in the NICU for several weeks. Although I am not getting my hopes up on bringing any of the babies home even if I have them at 34 weeks. I know from reading other triplet stories that babies born at 34 weeks usually have to spend a short time in the NICU.

We are getting really excited knowing that within the next two weeks we could be parents of three baby boys. If all goes as planned our babies will be born July 3rd.

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