Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 30, 2009 - 4 Days Old

The Peacock Trio are 4 days old today!! It has almost been a week since my babies made their surprise grand entrance into this world. Today has been one of the best days since I have been in the hospital (2nd to the day that the babies were born). A lot of GREAT things happened today.

Jason and I were able to hold and feed two of the babies two times today. Our first feeding was at 11am. I fed Cooper and Jason fed Landon. They were both able to drink from a bottle today. Yesterday Landon had a feeding tube put in because his breathing was to rapid for him to drink from a bottle, but today he made a huge improvement. Landon and Cooper both went from 9 ml. to 19 ml. of formula in one feeding. Landon is pretty slow when it comes to eating, but we are just happy that he is actually eating from a bottle and not having to be fed through a feeding tube. It took him 15 minutes, BUT he ate from a bottle and finished it ALL. Cooper was not able to be removed from his isolette because his temperature was to low, but I was still able to feed him. He finished his bottle in 5 minutes. This little guy has NO problem at all when it comes to eating. He LOVES his bottles and he does not waste anytime drinking them up. We were not able to feed or hold Aiden this time because his temperature was to low and we could not removed him from his Radiant warmer. Aiden DID take 5 ml. through his feeding tube which is a HUGE improvement for him. Also, Aiden went from having to be on 100% Oxygen to only 60%. We are SO happy to see that he is slowly making improvement when it comes to breathing.

Right after the first feeding, I had three WONDERFUL visiters. I was SO happy to be visited by someone other than family members and my nurses. Don't get me wrong, family is great and the nurses here are THE BEST, but is sure was nice to see familiar faces and talk to great friends. Thank you Chris, Gabi and Michelle! It meant a lot to me that you guys came to visit and brought beautiful flowers. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!

At 8 pm, we got to feed Landon and Cooper again. This time we were albe to hold all three babies. Aiden's temperature was normal so we were able to remove him from his radiant warmer and spend some extra time with him. We love and cherish the time we get with Aiden, because we are not able to hold him much due to his circumstances. He LOVES it when we are albe to hold him and is such a cuddle bug. Hopefully he will be able to be moved to an isolette soon so that we can at least hold him more often.

Below are a few pictures from today. There are LOTS of picture of the PROUD daddy and his three baby boys.

Daddy and Aiden



Daddy and Landon


A very tired Daddy and Landon

Daddy and Landon Again......

And Again.


Daddy and Cooper

Daddy changing Coopers diaper for the first time.


Daddy and Cooper

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  1. Nikki, Jason, Cooper, Aiden, and Landon Peakcock, what a beautiful family!!! What a blessing for you all. I wish you every happiness. I can't wait to see the little guys. Love, Denise