Thursday, October 15, 2009

4 Month Check Up

The babies had their 4 month check up yesterday. Dr. Ho was very impressed with the babies. They have grown so much since he had last seen them. Aiden weighs 11 lbs 2 oz and is 23 3/4 inches in length (25th percentile for height and 5th percentile for weight). Landon is 11 lbs and is 23 1/2 inches (25th percentile for height and 5th percentile for weight). Cooper is 12 lbs 8 oz and is 23 3/4 inches (25th percentile for height and 25th percentile for weight). They all made it on the charts which means that they are catching up to where they need to be!!! Our babies are 3 1/2 months old, but only 4 weeks old gestational age. The babies were born 7 weeks early. The original due date was August 14, 2009. Although they were born early, they are right where they need to be developmentally. They are doing everything that a 4 month old baby should be doing. Since they were preemies the were expected to be a little behind, but I guess I have very determined babies because they have not only reached the developmental milestones for a four month old baby, they are doing things that a 5 and 6 month old should be doing. Our babies surprise us daily!!! Dr. Ho was very impressed on how well they hold up there head and how well they interact with you. They all three got there four month shots and all took it pretty well. Cooper and Aiden cried for a few seconds. Landon SCREAMED, but not for very long. He is for sure my little sensitive one.

Dr. Ho told us at our two month check up that at four months he wanted us to start feeding them solid foods. He decided that since there reflux is so bad that he now wants us to wait until they are six months old. He said that they are gaining weight really well on the formula so he is not worried about them at this point. They do get cereal in there bottle at each feed and have been since they were six weeks old.

The babies slept for 9 hours last night!!! YAY!!!


Aiden....not sure if he should be happy or scared to be at the Dr. Office.


Daddy and Landon

Aiden and Cooper waiting to get there shots.

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