Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's Official!!!!

The babies are officially sleeping through the night!!! The babies go to bed between 7:30pm and 8:00pm every night. Last week we took the babies to the Dr. for there 4 month check up and they had to get shots. That night they slept from 7:30pm until 5:00am. Jason and I thought that it was just because they got shot the day before so we just figured the next night that they would get up at 4am like normal for a bottle. Well, that night we put them down at 7:30pm and they slept until 6am the next morning. We were SO excited that they were sleeping 10.5 hours but I told Jason that it would be GREAT if they would sleep until 7am since that is when they take there next bottle. The next night we put them down at the same time and they slept until 7:00am. Life is getting SO much easier now that we actually get to sleep through the night. We thought this would never happen, but it did!!!! This morning they slept until 7:30am :).....WOW 12 hours straight!!!! Our babies are growing us so fast.

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