Monday, October 19, 2009

Our Visit to Smithville

On Saturday Jason had to work so I took the kiddos to Smithville to visit a good friend of mine Debbie. We also stopped by to visit with Granny and PaPaw before we headed home. Traveling with three babies is not as bad as you think. It was actually pretty easy (They are great little travelers). I got the babies up at 7am like I do every morning. I feed them, got them dresses and loaded up the car and we left the house by 8:30am. We got to Smithville around 10am and we went to visit with Debbie and her kiddos Daucie and Trip. I had not see her little ones since I went on bed rest back in April. They have grown SO much. All of the kids were too cute!! All five of them were decked out in there UT grear. While I was at Debbies we also got to visit with Howard who brought us BBQ from Zimmerhanzels for lunch.


Daucie playing with Cooper and Landon

Debbie and Aiden

Cooper, Debbie and Trip

Trip and Aiden

Howard and Cooper

Howard rocked Cooper to sleep

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