Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pa-Paw, Granny and Aunt Kim Came to Visit

The babies had a big day today. They had a GREAT visit with their great grandparents (Pa-Paw and Granny) and Aunt Kim.

Aiden, Cooper, Landon and Granny

Aunt Kim and Aiden

Granny and Cooper

Granny and Cooper


Landon and Aiden with Aunt Kim

Landon, Cooper and Aiden with Aunt Kim

Landon, Aiden, Kim, Granny and Cooper

Pa-Paw, Cooper, Granny and Landon

Daddy playing with Cooper and Landon

Pa-Paw and Cooper

Pa-Paw, Cooper, Aiden, Granny and Landon

Pa-Paw, Granny and Aiden

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