Saturday, July 11, 2009

2 Weeks Old

Today the boys are two weeks old. They are all doing GREAT and growing really fast. Aiden has caught up with Landon and Cooper should be coming home on Tuesday if all goes as planned.

AIDEN - 4 lbs. 6oz.

Aiden is now eating 41 ml. at each feeding. He is still not able to eat all 8 feeds from a bottle so every other feed is from a feeding tube. Besides his feedings, Aiden is doing GREAT.

Daddy and Aiden

SO SWEET!! Aiden is already a Daddy's boy.


Daddy, Mommy and Aiden


LANDON - 4 lbs 6.2 oz

Landon is finally eating all 8 feeds from a bottle. He is also eating 41 ml. at each feed. Hopefully his feeding tube will be removed tomorrow and we can see his cute little face without all of the tape on it. If all goes well and he can maintain eating all feeds from a bottle, he will be taken out of the isolette on Monday and he will be put in an open crib. This means that he will be really close to coming home.



Landon and his WubbaNub frog pacifier.



COOPER - 4 lbs. 13.4 oz.

Cooper is so close to coming home. He was supposed to come home yesterday, but he had an apnea episode on Thursday. He has to go 5 days without having an episode before he can come home. So if all goes well, his 5 days will end on Tuesday. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we will be able to bring him home on Tuesday.

Our big boy Coop

Daddy, Mommy and Cooper

Mommy and Cooper


Cooper is a happy baby.

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